Sook Mall of Africa


05 April 2024

SOOK Mall of Africa is a digitally connected, flexible retail experience with less hassle and more freedom. Enjoy greater access and more flexibility than ever before. SOOK Mall of Africa, the first of its kind in Africa, is here to transform your retail experience. SOOK brings you a cutting-edge solution, tailored to your retail needs.

FULLY FLEXIBLE SPACE: Flexible leasing to suit your unique needs. Take control and choose what's right for your brand.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Your SOOK space seamlessly combines a physical presence with a powerful digital and marketing platform, maximising your reach to a wider audience and other established brands.

MODULAR AND FLEXIBLE: Enjoy modular furniture and wall-to-wall digital screens, allowing you to create a fully branded, captivating and adaptable experience.

DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS: Access valuable statistics on customers and sales, empowering you to optimise your business strategies.