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Sweets from Heaven

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Sweets From Heaven - A unique Sweet and Gift  outlet which commenced trading  in 1988  in Southern Africa, and has been winning over the hearts and "Sweet  Tooth" of its customers, and continues to do so. 

We are a "world-in-one", offering the widest range of products sourced both locally and internationally, from hard, soft, sweet, sour…and SO much more! We offer a series of flavours and sensations of delectably super tasty to wildly whacky products which will tantalize your palate.

Our unique pick 'n mix section allows you to choose from a large range of mouth-watering and yummy selections, whether it be sugar, chocolate, gummies - then this is the place for you…"the sweetest place on earth”. Find us on Face Book –


Sweets, Chocolate, Dried fruit and nuts, Cold drink, Popcorn, Biltong, Ice cream, Airtime