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We have a healthy alternative to fast food with a range of delicious low fat juices, smoothies, crushes, wraps, sandwiches and super snacks. All the products on the menu are at least 98% fat free and contain nothing artificial whatsoever. The Boost brand promises no artificial anything!

Boost refuses to use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of the products. While Boost’s main focus is healthy beverages that taste great, they also understand that people nowadays have a very fast paced, stressful lifestyle where many important things (such as healthy eating) are very often compromised due to lack of time. Boost endeavours to solve this problem in the form of healthy juices, smoothies and crushes – a meal in a cup if you will. Customers get the healthy ingredients they require from a meal in less than half the amount of time it takes to prepare. We have adopted a fun, cool, aspirational philosophy in stores; being healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

People who walk past the stores are very often drawn to the energy and fun that the Boosties and customers share.