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Pinpoint Security




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Your personal security is our priority.

Our friendly team will assess your needs & offer backup on all our products within your home or business.

We stock all leading brands and products.

Centurion Automation, Roboguard, Sentry, Digi, DSC & ET Remotes Paradox Alarms, Commax, Kocom & Bpt Intercom’s, Hikvision CCTV, Masterlock & BBL locks, Swat & Sabre Red Pepper Sprays, Major Tech, Coast Knives and Torches, Kershaw, Lansky, Victorynox Knives, Digital Safes, Rifle & hand Gun Safes, Zartek two way Radios and wireless Intercoms, BB Guns, Air Rifle’s and Pepper ball guns, Money Counters and UV Lights, Hand cuffs, expandable & Tonfa batons. We replace your batteries in store.


CCTV Systems, Alarm Systems, Remote Controls, Intercom Systems, Batteries, Locks, Safes, Torches, Pepper Spray, Gadgets