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Mobile Outfitters Africa is celebrating our entry into Africa with our first location at the Mall of Africa. We are extremely excited to introduce our products and services. Mobile Outfitters is the largest Mobile Protection Retail Brand in the world currently operating in over 46 Countries. We protect all devices edge to edge, 360 degrees and have an extensive range of products to ensure that all your devices are protected against scratches and full impact drops adding no bulk while also maintaining the natural look and feel of your device! We also have an exciting Style Skins range Which allows you to pimp your devices with one of 17 fabulous designs adding no bulk while protecting! All our products are backed by our global lifetime guarantee allowing customers to replace their protection as many times as they like and you don’t even need a receipt! Follow us on Instagram @mobile_outfitters_africa and check out our website to view our product ranges and keep updated on all the latest news and announcement of our opening dates. Show this post when you visit our kiosk when we open and receive a 10% discount! All Mall of Africa Staff and residents get 15% discount when presenting their staff ID’s and students can avail their 20% discounts when presenting their student ID Cards.