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Joubert & Monty

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J&M have a proud heritage of 71 years of quality biltong!
Joubert and Monty was established in 1942 by Dirk Joubert as a small butchery in Sea Point. In 1961 his son, Chris Joubert, joined the family business and Mr Monty joined shortly afterwards. Mr Joubert and Mr Monty experimented with the biltong and droëwors recipes and ultimately came up with a unique Original Secret Recipe. They opened 18 biltong shops and supplied a hand full of supermarkets within the Western Cape.
In October 2007, the business (J&M) was sold to Geotina (Pty) LTD, as a going concern, together with the trademarks, recipes and full staff complement. Geotina trading as Joubert and Monty currently operate 21 Corporate Biltong Stores and 4 Franchised Biltong Stores within the Western Cape. The corporate and franchised stores are located in all the major and prominent shopping centres around Cape Town.