News ArticleMango Man and Mango Kids Now Open in South Africa

The fashion brand launched its men’s and children’s lines in Johannesburg on Thursday 28 April 2016 at the much publicized Mall of Africa

MANGO is consolidating its presence in South Africa, and has opened its first MANGO MAN and MANGO KIDS store in the country. The city of Johannesburg has been chosen to open this new store, which has over 700m² distributed on a single floor.

The new premises are located in the new MALL OF AFRICA shopping centre, the largest mall in the country with 130, 000m². This new store, as well as stocking MANGO MAN and MANGO KIDS lines for the first time, will also offer the woman’s line (MANGO). With this opening, the brand now has 10 stores in the country, since it first arrived back in 2006.

The MANGO menswear brand was created in 2008 to offer men a contemporary and modern range of men’s fashion. Its style is based on an updating the classics by giving them the required touch of fashion, adapting the trends to a simple, every-day and urban style.

Today, MANGO MAN has several lines in its stores to cater for the needs of its customers. A smart casual line with everyday garments aimed at a more mature and urban target market, and a casual line, with modern and youthful garments perfect for the weekend. We also have the tailored line, with suits in different styles, cuts and prices. Lastly, there is the trend line, which offers more fashionable garments and a more youthful denim line, the Blacksmith.

For its part, the MANGO KIDS line, aimed at children aged 0 to 14, was created in 2013 with the same vocation as MANGO, to offer quality fashion at an affordable price. This collection will include both basic garments and more on-trend garments and will also adapt some of the best-sellers from the women’s collection for girls: the so-called “mini-me”. MANGO KIDS also includes accessories, footwear and underwear.

MANGO is currently present in 70 stores across Africa (stand-alone stores and store-in-stores), making it the international fashion brand with the biggest presence in Africa. The strategy in 2016 is to maintain the same rate of expansion as in previous years, with plans to open 4 new stores in Eqypt (1), Nigeria (1), and Equatorial Guinea (2). The brand is also planning to enter 11 new markets over the next two years.