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Matwetwe | Movie | Mall of Africa



A coming-of-age adventure following Lefa and Papi, best friends and recent high school graduates, on the biggest hustle of their young lives. Over the course of one action-packed New Year’s Eve in the iconic township of Atteridgeville, the boys try to pull off a huge deal, dodge a kingpin gangster and his violent gang members, get the girl and, ultimately, save their own lives in this hilarious but sometimes very serious escapade.
Show Times: 20:00; 15:00; 12:15; 10:00; 17:45
Cast: Tebatso Mashishi, Sibusiso Khwinana,
Director: Kagiso Lediga
Producer: N/A
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Age Restriction: 16DLSV
Length: 81min